The Digital 3D Revolution

With the recent explosion of digital 3D technology, museums of all sizes can now enter this arena, providing a premium, immersive, attendance-driving theater experience to  visitors.  Today’s digital 3D theaters cost a small fraction of their film-based predecessors and do not carry high operating costs. Moreover, digital theaters can often be easily integrated into any auditorium, lecture hall, or other public area to capitalize on an existing, possibly under-utilized, facility.  

Digital 3D theaters offer museums and other destination venues an excellent incremental revenue opportunity, as well as an experience that audiences crave.  The revenue potential, and learning impacts, increase further when pairing a film with a permanent or traveling exhibition. In addition, the 3D digital systems provide a versatile audio-visual presentation arsenal, creating new ancillary revenue opportunities from facility rentals, lectures, and evening programs. 

In all, these theaters present a favorable, proven economic formula for museums of all walks and sizes.  Most importantly, families, children, students, museum members, donors, corporate partners – all audiences – absolutely love 3D. 

Digital 3D is the future.  Digital 3D has arrived.