About D3D

D3D Cinema is a Chicago-based company that offers complete digital 3D cinema solutions and services to museum and attraction industry clients worldwide. We offer a fresh and unique partnership approach to cinema design and 3D content production, a value proposition built around four core capabilities.

  • Theater Design and Installation
  • Touring Exhibition Theaters
  • Award-winning Library of 3D Film Content
  • Signature Film Production
D3D is the only company in the rapidly emerging digital 3D market that operates in both the exhibition and production domains.  Our key competitive advantage lies in the fact that we can leverage our existing 3D film library and extensive 3D production experience in a way that no other company can. As such, D3D not only provides its clients with a seamless, “one-stop shop” solution to their film exhibition and programming needs, but can, by bundling both hardware and software, provide digital 3D theater system pricing that none of our competitors – all exclusively hardware providers – can match.

We understand the critical needs and desires of our museum and attraction clients and have developed a pioneering, collaborative approach to 3D cinema integration, project financing and 3D documentary production.