Signature Film Production

D3D produces signature films, customized to the specific client’s venue. These destination films are intended for exhibition over many years, even decades. There are notable and extremely successful precedents in the giant screen/large format medium, including, among others, venues at the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, and the Alamo.

D3D is now pioneering this approach in the digital world. Digital technology has revolutionized film production in much the same way that it has theater technology. Movies can be shot in native, high resolution 3D, at far lower production costs.

D3D will work with its clients to identify potential opportunities. Signature films on iconic exhibitions or destinations can invigorate and sustain a theater for many years. In addition, these films often enjoy wider distribution beyond the destination site, providing new revenue streams. 

To read more about our most recent signature film production, Waking the T. rex: The Story of Sue, click here.