Financing & Sponsorship

D3D Cinema provides flexible financing and purchasing options in order to virtually eliminate financial barriers to entry.  No-money-down system leases can be an attractive solution since the integration of a 3D experience is an immediately popular upsell for museum patrons.  Whether leasing or buying, every museum is different and we will tailor a model that generates a healthy return to your bottom line.  D3D staff has over twelve years of museum theater management experience and we work with every client to develop a pro forma business model based on historical attendance and industry theater capture estimates. 

In addition to system financing, D3D can provide insight into theater sponsorship opportunities.  The theater itself, as well as each of the film programs, are valuable properties for local sponsors or benefactors.  In some cases, the theater naming rights cover the full cost of the system and theater construction.  We would be happy to discuss these precedents with you.

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