D3D recognizes and respects the financing challenges involved with building and programming a theater.  To that end, we have prioritized a partnership approach to every project, developing a flexible portfolio of purchasing and leasing options.  The key is our ability to offer significantly lower system hardware pricing because of the promise of ongoing film royalties.  This creates the ultimate win-win situation for both the client and D3D. 

Just as financing capabilites and needs vary, we offer different options and solutions to all clients.  By providing both purchasing and leasing options, clients may decide to approach the theater transaction as either a capital expenditure or an operating expense.

  • System Purchase - Client purchases complete digital 3D system/installation package outright
  • System Lease - Client leases complete digital 3D system and all associated installation costs
  • Construction and System Lease - Client leases complete capital outlay, from construction to the digital 3D system and installation.  No money down.

For more information about our financing/leasing partner, MGSY Corp., click here.