A 3D theater provides an attractive branding and activation opportunity for corporate partners, from naming rights to presenting sponsorship of individual films.  There are excellent precedents; some D3D Cinema theaters have commanded upwards of $500K in theater naming rights to offset both capital construction expenses and ongoing operating costs.   

A cutting edge theater is a high profile property for corporations and foundations.  In addition to brand cachet and business-to-business opportunities, D3D is experienced in producing customized 3D introductions or public service announcements to run prior to public shows.  The ability to attach high-value, 3D messaging to traditional brand impressions lends much value to theater sponsor packages.

In addition to the theater itself, each 3D film or program theme can be locally presented by synergistic partners and regional media, generating upwards of $50K per year in operating support.

In addition to corporate sponsorship, a museum may also decide to approach high-level individual and family benefactors. There are ample precedents for this among large-format venues.