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40 Minutes

Soar over the highest peaks on a graceful Schleicher glider, narrowly missing cliffs and crevices.  Feel the gut-wrenching force of a Harrier jet upon take-off.  Loop and roll above the ocean in a legendary Stearman wooden biplane.  Reminisce with the wonder of the Super Constellation, one of the first passenger airliners to make long range flying practical.  Search for the "ultimate flying experience" with some of the most experienced pilots living today, as LEGENDS OF FLIGHT ties the past with the future in a fascinating and visually stunning documentary, filmed in spectacular Giant Screen 3D.

Featuring legendary 20th Century aircraft and set in the context of aviation history, LEGENDS OF FLIGHT explores the lessons learned by trial and error in the first 100 plus years of flight - lessons that ultimately influenced the design and construction of two competing aircraft concepts.  Radically new commercial jetliners, designed to carry the world into 21st Century.  The 787 Dreamliner, Boeing's gamble of what air travel will be like, and the A 380, Airbus's bet on what the future holds.

Experience the 787 milestones, from concept to first flight, and see just how mammoth the A380 is, inside and out - filmed in breathtaking Giant Screen 3D.  Fly in the cockpit with chief test pilot Mike Carriker as he puts the new 787 airliner through its rigorous test flights, and discover what makes the future of air travel a step into the future, with a touch of nostalgia for the romance of flying's earliest years.