D3D Partners with K2 Communications
Monday, May 17, 2010

D3D Cinema is proud to now offer K2 Communications films in its digital 3D content library.  K2 is a leading production and distribution organization specializing in emerging non-traditional media programming, including 3D films for both large format and digital theaters. Recent productions include The Ultimate Wave Tahiti and Legends of Flight, both premiering in 2010.  Rescue 3D is currently in production and set to release in early 2011.  

“The K2/D3D collaboration is a really winner for both companies as well as the museum theater network.  There are great synergies in our missions and approach to documentary production.  3D Sun, Ultimate Wave and Legends of Flight bring excellent films into the D3D catalog, creating a real wealth of film subjects,” said Andy Wood, Senior Vice President of D3D.  “We’re looking forward to future K2 releases, as well as possible digital 3D co-productions down the road.”

Mark Kresser, Vice President of K2 agreed, 

FW: T Rex
D3D and Dolby’s commitment to expanding the institutional network of quality 3D digital theaters is something that K2 believes in strongly, and is pleased to be a part of.  Their digital 3D theater business model makes great financial sense for any size museum.”
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