Giant Dome Theater Consortium Provides Key Support for Tornado Alley
Monday, September 20, 2010

Giant Screen Films (GSF), is proud to announce a partnership with the newly-formed Giant Dome Theater Consortium (GDTC) in support of the highly anticipated giant screen film Tornado Alley, which is being released in March 2011. The partnership provides for a significant investment in the film by the GDTC along with a commitment from its seven charter members to program the film during its launch phase.  Over the course of the Tornado Alley’s run, the GDTC member theaters anticipate more than a million viewers. Key GDTC executives will be participating in the film’s production over the course of the next several months. 

“We are thrilled to be working with the GDTC, which includes some of the most respected museum institutions in the world, and we’re honored that that this visionary group has chosen Tornado Alley as its first co-production,” said Don Kempf, president of GSF and producer of the film.

Tornado Alley and it focus on the science of tornado research represents a perfect topic for the museum theater community, and particularly for the dome theaters, which we believe provide audiences with the most immersive cinema experience in the world,” said Mike Day, senior vice president of The Science Museum of Minnesota and vice chair of the GDTC. “The GDTC group is proud to play a key role in the financing and development of this truly compelling educational film.” 

Tornado Alley follows daring large-format filmmaker Sean Casey (star of the Discovery Channel's wildly popular Storm Chasers series) and the researchers of the NSF-funded VORTEX2 initiative on a thrilling quest to witness the birth of a tornado from its very heart. Armed with an IMAX® camera, a fleet of customized vehicles designed to withstand gale force winds, torrential rains and unrelenting hail, and an arsenal of the most advanced weather measurement instruments ever created, Casey and the V2 team take audiences on a heart-pounding mission to experience a tornado's destructive power while gathering the most comprehensive extreme weather data ever collected.  The film is a collaboration of Graphic Films, Giant Screen Films, and Sean Casey. 


Giant Screen Films

Giant Screen Films (GSF) is a world leader in the large-format/ IMAX® industry. The company’s mission is to create and distribute films that, through the magic of immersive sight and sound technologies, challenge the imaginations of children and adults—offering audiences an inspiring perspective on the world and an unforgettable theater experience.


Giant Dome Theater Consortium

The Giant Dome Theater Consortium (GDTC) was formally incorporated in the first quarter of 2010. The Founding Member institutions are the Science Museum of Minnesota, the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center (San Diego), the Cincinnati Museum Center, Discovery Place (Charlotte), Boston’s Museum of Science, the Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago), and the St. Louis Science Center. Dr. Jeffrey Kirsch, Executive Director of the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, serves as the chair of the GDTC.

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