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Thursday, September 29, 2011

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EVANSTON, IL (September 29, 2011)  — D3D Cinema and Giant Screen Films are pleased to announce promotions for Derek Threinen, Rob Grzymala and Deborah Raksany.  Threinen has been promoted to Vice President, Film Distribution and Business Development, Grzymala to Vice President, Production and Finance, and Raksany to Vice President, Development and Partnerships.  

“This is an exciting time of growth for both GSF and D3D and for the museum-based cinema industry in general, and the success we are having is directly attributable to having high quality individuals like Derek, Rob and Deborah on the team,” said Don Kempf, President and Founder of GSF and D3D.  

Threinen joined GSF/D3D in the fall of 2010 to head up North American distribution efforts, both on the film leasing and theater system integration fronts.  “Derek has been a critical contributor to the successes of both companies over the past year,” Kempf said.  “State-of-the art digital 3D technologies are providing both producers and exhibitors a great opportunity to reinvigorate existing giant screens and at the same time expand the reach of our industry’s educational documentary films into new museums and markets.  Giant Screen Films and D3D Cinema are spearheading this effort like no other company, and Derek has been instrumental in helping to usher in this exciting new era.”    

“In the past year, the digital revolution in museum-based theaters has taken hold,” said Threinen.  “GSF and D3D’s unique strengths have positioned us at the forefront of the industry, where our partnership-based approach has proven to be a welcome and refreshing change from the status quo.  I look forward to continuing our efforts with the talented teams at GSF and D3D as we grow and strengthen our relationships with long-standing clients and entirely new venues.”

Grzymala joined GSF in 2003 straight out of the University of Illinois as a finance associate.  “Rob has played a critical behind-the-scenes role at GSF for almost a decade,” said Andy Wood, Sr. Vice President.  “Over the past few years, Rob has increasingly taken on the important role of line producer in our film productions, from Waking the T.rex: the Story of Sue and on our upcoming film The Ice Age.  As the company is already significantly expanding its production slate, it is great to have someone of Rob’s caliber on the in-house production team.”

“I’ve really had a great opportunity to learn all aspects of our business and get a solid grounding in the giant screen industry,” said Grzymala.  “I am thrilled by the degree to which GSF and D3D are ramping up our production slate as well soon capitalizing on the new opportunities that the digital world is providing our industry.”

Raksany joined GSF last year after working for the company on a consulting basis in order to develop and oversee the company’s most important strategic partnerships.  “Deborah was the driving force behind the major grant that Tornado Alley received from the National Science Foundation,” said Kempf.  “In addition, she continues to play a key role in managing relations with our corporate partners, including our valued client Nokia, sponsor of Wild Ocean.  Her commitment to company excellence and client success suit her perfectly for such an important position.”  

“This is a truly exciting time to be part of the GSF/D3D team,” said Raksany.  "My experience working with museum theater partners has been very rewarding, and I'm looking forward to developing many exciting collaborations and projects in the future.”


About D3D Cinema and Giant Screen Films

D3D Cinema (D3D) offers complete digital 3D cinema solutions and services to museum and attraction industry clients worldwide, providing a unique partnership approach to cinema design and 3D content production built around four core capabilities - theater design and installation; touring exhibition theaters; an award-winning library of 3D film content; and custom signature film production. D3D recently released its first digital 3D production, Waking the T. rex: The Story of SUE, featured as the signature 3D experience at the Field Museum in Chicago. D3D’s next production, The Ice Age, co-produced with GSF, will premiere globally in summer 2012 as well as serve as the companion film to the Field Museum’s “Mammoths and Mastodons” touring exhibition.



Giant Screen Films (GSF) is one of the world's leading large-format/IMAX® film production and distribution companies. GSF's mission is to create and share films that push the boundaries of the large-format medium, challenging the imaginations of children and adults alike. At the core of this mission is a dedication to the partnerships that bring a diverse range of subjects to the screen and, through meaningful educational collaborations, extend each film's impact far beyond the theater. Over the past three years, GSF's productions Wild Ocean, Dinosaurs Alive, and Egypt/Mummies have generated over $100 million in box office within the giant screen network. GSF recently released one of the most highly anticipated large-format films of the past decade, the NSF-funded Tornado Alley, and is now in production on a groundbreaking ocean conservation film, The Last Reef (February 2012).



Threinen can be reached via email at dthreinen@gsfilms.com or by telephone at +1.847.475.9140, x107

Grzymala can be reached via email at rgrzymala@gsfilms.com or by telephone at +1.847.475.9140, x106

Raksany can be reached via email at draksany@gsfilms.com or by telephone at +1.847.475.9140 x108

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