Jurassic Flight - A VR Dino Soaring Adventure
Monday, April 30, 2018

Jurassic Flight Coming Soon

A Certified Birdly® VR Experience – Launching June 2018

April 30, 2018 (Evanston, IL) – D3D Cinema, in partnership with SOMNIACS, is pleased to announce the release of Jurassic Flight – a new experience for the Birdly VR platform – lifting off in June 2018. The first natural history environment in a series of upcoming museum, zoo and aquarium-themed Birdly VR Experiences, Jurassic Flight will provide a full body immersive flying adventure as a pterosaur, soaring above the dramatic landscapes and iconic dinosaurs of the Late Jurassic.

Developed in consultation with leading paleontologists, Jurassic Flight features a cast of in-game photorealistic CGI dinosaurs, combining the thrill of the Birdly platform with an educational foundation. This experience marks the first interactive environments and animations built on the dazzling Unreal 4 game engine, enhancing interactivity with denizens of the North American continent from 150M years ago.

“A dinosaur environment has been -- by far -- our biggest request since launching Birdly in the museum and zoo market and it’s truly a natural fit for the platform,” said Tom Rooney, Director of Birdly VR for D3D Cinema. “Dinosaurs are such fantastic creatures they seemingly defy reality, and the “first-person” perspective Birdly offers brings them to life in an entirely new way for audiences of all ages. In Jurassic Flight, you can experience the sheer scale of dinosaurs by inhabiting a pterosaur. How cool is that?” 

D3D will present a sneak peek of Jurassic Flight at the upcoming AAM Conference in May. The launch to the wider Birdly VR network is slated for June. Birdly’s VR educational portfolio will continue to grow with the release of the manta ray/coral reef, ocean conservation-themed experience later in the year.

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