D3D Cinema Celebrates 10 Years!
Monday, May 07, 2018

D3D Cinema Celebrates 10 Years!

Evanston, IL (May 7, 2018) – D3D Cinema is pleased to announce that 2018 marks its tenth anniversary. A pilot offshoot of large-format film producer/distributor Giant Screen Films in its earliest days, D3D has boldly and dramatically altered the landscape of the museum cinema business over the course of just a decade. The company now boasts over 75 giant screen and museum cinema installations, with an estimated $80 million in market impact, as measured in incremental box office revenues and operational savings.

“Everyone at D3D is proud of what we’ve accomplished in a relatively short period of time and tremendously appreciative of the support of our institutional partners,” said Don Kempf, President and Founder. “Between our giant screen solutions and market expansion initiatives, we have made a significant impact upon the underlying economics of the museum cinema industry, contributing millions to individual museum bottom lines.”

“The underlying mission and vision of D3D is a really great story,” said Andy Wood, Senior Vice President. “We are essentially a team of former museum cinema operators with a love of giant screen documentaries who recognized early on the true potential and superior quality of emerging digital technologies, and the benefits afforded to filmmakers and museums of all types and sizes. As passionate museum cinema veterans, we are exclusively focused on and committed to ensuring the strength and vitality of an industry that has inspired hundreds of millions over the past fifty years.”

Over the past decade, the D3D technical development team, led by museum cinema industry veterans Art Mercurio and Scott Fauteux, has achieved many “firsts” – the first to showcase a 4K giant screen projection system (2011), the first to install a giant screen 4K 3D xenon system (2012), the first to showcase giant screen laser projection (2013), the first to install a giant screen 6P 3D laser system (2014) and the first to install a laser-based giant dome cinema system (2016). Laser CineDome and the Birdly VR platform encompass D3D’s latest product offerings.

"These are certainly busy times at D3D,” said Derek Threinen, Vice President of Distribution and Business Development. “We initiated a revolution in the giant screen theater industry, providing our upgrade clients with unprecedented digital image quality as part of a premium viewer experience, and a reduction in operational costs which have now averaged over a million dollars in savings per theater. Now, Birdly VR is as buzzworthy as it gets, exploding in popularity as the experience portfolio grows and franchise IP comes to the platform. We’ve got some very exciting announcements around the corner!”    

“We are really excited about the next ten years,” said Kempf. “D3D is a company exclusively committed to and focused on the museum, zoo and aquarium market and it’s tremendously rewarding to blaze new trails and drive new innovation in such a uniquely special industry.” 


D3D Cinema specializes in immersive cinema and VR experiences for museum, aquarium, zoo, science center and attractions industry clients worldwide, providing a unique partnership approach to experiential storytelling, hardware integration, and signature content production. Comprised of institutional cinema and immersive media specialists, D3D offers first-to-market technology, consultation, strategic planning, financing packages, installation, content production & distribution, operational support, and ongoing service. D3D is headquartered in Evanston, IL with offices in the greater Philadelphia and New York areas, and Ottawa, Canada.


D3D is the leading specialist in giant screen cinema integration – from large-format flat screens to giant dome theater systems. Full service partnerships include consultation, strategic planning, financing packages, installation, training, and ongoing service.


D3D’s turnkey digital cinema solution – both hardware and content library – for small and medium-sized institutions. Cinéfolio provides immersive, enriching, and revenue-generating cinema packages including permanent theater integration as well as popup, temporary and touring venues.


D3D’s one-of-a-kind full-body virtual reality (VR) birdflight simulator. Unlike many VR platforms for public engagement, Birdly is both special and social – coupling robotics and simulation technology to deliver an experience that is truly unique and proven to generate a buzz. Simply breathtaking!


D3D Cinema Post Services provides the highest quality in cinema post production, specializing in professional video encoding, digital format conversion, media management, and DCI-compliant DCP creation including cutting edge HDR/HFR 4K 3D DCPs.


D3D specializes in the production of customized, signature, destination-based experiences for all immersive cinemas and the Birdly VR platform. In addition, D3D manages global distribution of all content in association with its sister company, Giant Screen Films.

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