Mystic India


An Extraordinary Journey Across a Fascinating Land

Mystic India¬†reveals the rich culture of India by following the incredible journey of¬†Neelkanth, a young boy who walked for seven years and 8,000 miles across this vast majestic land. Audiences experience India ‘s geographic and cultural diversity, amaze in the natural beauty of its land and architecture and celebrate in its spectacular festivals and spiritual wonders.

Mesmerizing cinematography takes us from the tallest mountain range in the world, the Himalayas, through India ‘s scorching deserts, across its expansive plains and to its tropical rainforests. The journey leads us through small villages that are home to 80% of more than 1 billion people of India and to the architectural wonders that enhance the amazing landscape. Along the way, we learn much about this land and an incredible young child who traveled it.

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