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IN PRODUCTION: T. REX Completes Principal Photography

Opening Late Spring 2024 | Pre-Leasing Now


With CGI animation well underway, Giant Screen Films has wrapped principal photography on its upcoming museum-cinema dinosaur odyssey. The prehistoric settings and science journey will take audiences from the otherworldly forests and wetlands of New Zealand and Florida to the buttes and badlands of present-day Montana and North Dakota.

The GSF team was privileged to embed with an outstanding Hell Creek dinosaur dig expedition over the summer. With cameras rolling, the crew captured an unexpected, truly remarkable discovery that shook the crew and scientists to the core, soon to be an international news story.

“The GSF team cannot wait to announce what unfolded in front of us over the past two months,” said Andy Wood, Writer/Producer. “We never could have planned what we fortuitously captured – an extraordinary and inspiring story poised to make global headlines! We set out to chronicle life in the field of a typical Hell Creek dino dig and ended up rolling on an historical paleontological discovery. It’s a feel-good narrative impossible to script…taking this immersive movie to new heights!”


Working with top tyrannosaur scientists, a coalition of natural history institutions, and pioneering paleo and visual effects artists, GSF’s original giant screen production on this iconic dinosaur—and its carnivorous Cretaceous cousins—aims to shine new light on a legendary animal. With hat tips to famous specimens, landmark discoveries, and wild cinematic depictions over the last century, the film will explore the interplay between speculation and evidence, revealing how the process of science refreshes and reimagines our understanding of the tyrant king.

“We’re eager to bring the G.O.A.T. – the greatest of all tyrants – back to life in fun and surprising ways,” says David Clark, Director. “The film will cover a lot of new territory while delivering on the quintessential promises of a T. rex cinematic experience— the dinky arms, super senses, rex-on-rex fights, pack hunts, baby rexlings, a climactic face-off with a three-horned nemesis, giant pterosaurs, the extinction cataclysm, and much, much more.”


With over 50 markets signed, T. REX roars into theaters in late spring 2024. The family-friendly film will be supported with a suite of curricular materials and merchandise, including a companion graphic novel, curated curriculum assets, extensive social kit, merchandise package, and more.

For pre-leasing and production coalition inquiries, please contact Giant Screen Films.

MUSEUM NEWS: D3D Cinema Welcomes Centro de Ciencias Explora

D3D Cinema is proud to have been selected by the Centro de Ciencias Explora (Explora Science Centre) to design and install its new digital 3D cinema system in a once-in-a-generation upgrade of Explora’s Giant Screen Theater. D3D will replace the IMAX 15-perf/70mm film-based projector with dual fourth-generation Barco® SP4K 3D laser projectors, complemented by a next-generation Dolby ATMOS® sound system. The experience on the 22.5 meter (74 foot) wide screen will dazzle with high-resolution imagery, enhanced color reproduction, extreme contrast ratio and astounding acoustic depth and fidelity.

The new D3D cinema system will provide potential, performance and flexibility far beyond the capabilities of the former projection equipment in a far more user-friendly and easy-to-maintain configuration. A full alternative content package will allow Explora to present a far wider selection of mission-related content than ever previously possible. The new system will enable new programming dimensions like specialty cinema, broadcast and streaming content, as well as turn the theater into a flexible and capable event space for everything from lectures, conferences and presentations to private rentals, gaming competitions and artistic exhibitions.

“As we seek to fulfill Explora’s mission of linking our society with science, we’ve found that immersive cinema is an outstanding means of providing our visitors with educational, memorable and entertaining content.  D3D Cinema has provided us with a technical solution that offers the best combination of quality, price and flexibility to offer the greatest variety of content, increasing the positive impact of our institution within the community.”

Gerardo Ibarra Aranda, CEO, Centro de Ciencias Explora, León, Mexico

CONTENT PORTFOLIO NEWS: Cinéfolio Subscription Platform Adds 3 News SK Films Titles

BLUE WHALES: Follow a long-lost blue whale pod in a remote corner of the ocean, where no scientists or film crews have previously explored.

Produced by Oceanic Films and SK Films in association with the National Science Foundation, Tangled Bank Studios, and the California Science Center. 

Narrated by Andy Serkis

ARCTIC: OUR FROZEN PLANET:  As our warming planet upsets the natural balance of the Arctic, scientists are now discovering that what happens here, affects us all.

Produced by BBC Earth. 

Narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch

WINGS OVER WATER: Follow the epic journeys of three amazing bird families – the Sandhill Crane, the Yellow Warbler and the Mallard Duck – across mountains, deserts, cities and forests.

Produced by Dorsey Pictures, Archipelago Films, and SK Films in association with National Audubon Society and Ducks Unlimited. 

Narrated by Michael Keaton 


TECHNOLOGY NEWS: Moody Gardens Implements D3D’s Enterprise Digital Signage Solution

D3D is pleased to announce the launch of it’s dynamic, capture-amplifying digital display platform at Moody Gardens Hotel, Attractions, Golf Course, and Convention Center. The technology will integrate box office, wayfinding, promotions, and media under a unified and automated LED signage control mainframe.

“We are honored to be working with Moody Gardens across their attractions, expanding on our longtime collaboration spanning cinema and media solutions. As D3D pushes deeper into the digital display sector at museums and attractions, working within the aquarium, visitor center, hotel and convention center that Moody’s campus offers is a colorful feather in our cap,” said Don Kempf, President and Founder of D3D. “This initial display integration is just the first stage of a scalable project that will grow to incorporate diverse areas of visitor engagement. The beauty of the phased approach is that our clients can start small and expand incrementally once the mainframe is built, adding anything from box office displays to exterior, giant video walls.”

The new D3D cinema system will provide dramatic new potential and performance to Explora in a more user-friendly, powerful and easy-to-maintain equipment configuration. A full alternative content package will allow Explora to present a far wider selection of mission-related content than ever previously possible and will enable new programming dimensions like specialty cinema, broadcast and streaming content, as well as turn the theater into a flexible and capable event space for everything from lectures, conferences and presentations to private rentals, gaming competitions and artistic exhibitions.

“D3D is marrying real-time information across our attractions, theaters, and facilities to maximize upsells and capture, while saving Moody staff an enormous amount of time. If you present the D3D team with a technology challenge…consider it solved.”

John Zendt, CEO, Moody Gardens

BIRDLY NEWS: Birdly Soars into The Wild Center, Goes Viral

D3D is delighted to welcome the newest museum to the Birdly family: The Wild Center, located in Tupper Lake, NY. Launching with the new Butterfly experience, the Instagram-friendly Birdly has exploded the museum’s social media activity:

“The Wild Center is thrilled to offer the Birdly experience to our visitors, in particular the Butterfly experience. What’s unfolding on social media is incredible! It’s great fun to watch friends and family on the simulator – nearly as fun as to fly on it – making Birdly an amazing crowd-pleaser. This kind of online attention is driving new traffic to the museum. A home run for mission, a home run for potential sponsors, and a grand slam for visitor engagement.” 

Stephanie Ratcliffe, Executive Director, The Wild Center

D3D Cinema (D3D) offers complete digital cinema and virtual-reality solutions and services to museum and attraction industry clients worldwide, providing a unique partnership approach built around five core capabilities – theater design and installation; touring exhibition theaters; cutting-edge Virtual Reality attractions, an award-winning library of giant-screen digital content; and custom signature film production. Comprised of institutional theater specialists, D3D excels in bringing first-to-market immersive cinema technologies to its clients, offering technology-agnostic consultation, strategic planning, installation, operational support and ongoing service. D3D is headquartered in Evanston, IL with offices in the greater New York and Philadelphia areas, Canada and Spain. Visit www.d3dcinema.com.