D3D specializes in the production of customized, signature, destination-based experiences for all immersive cinemas and the Birdly VR platform. In addition, D3D manages global distribution of all theatrical content in association with its sister company, Giant Screen Films.

“Within two years, The Field recouped its production investment in its entirety and now share in the profits from worldwide distribution of the film. In addition to the royalties, Waking the T. rex is an excellent vehicle for promoting Sue and The Field’s brands globally.”

Laura Sadler, Vice President, Public Programs and Education, The Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL

Immersive Documentaries

Telling BIG stories requires boundary-pushing production and exhibition tools, an innovative arsenal of cinema and VR magic kits, and magic-makers. D3D and our sister company Giant Screen Films have been pioneers in emerging, immersive technology for over two decades. Our award-winning content and forward-thinking exhibition platforms have won a myriad awards for technical achievements, including pioneering early adoption of novel 3D capture rigs, engineered camera systems, heavy-lift drones, and laser-illuminated exhibition systems. Our cadre of filmmakers are legends of the format, from grizzled veteran photographers to new-blood wizards. The result is a branded portfolio of films that are diverse, energetic, fresh, beautiful, and memorable.

Signature Films

D3D specializes in signature films production specific to a client’s venue. These destination films are intended for exhibition over many years, even decades. Notable and extremely successful examples in the immersive cinema medium, include, among others, venues at the Hearst Castle, Niagara Falls, The Field Museum, and The Page Museum. Since its inception, D3D has been a pioneer of this approach to film production. Signature films on iconic exhibitions or destinations can invigorate and sustain a theater for many years. In addition, these films often enjoy wider distribution beyond the destination site, providing new revenue streams.

Immersive Experiences

Working in consultation with leading subject matter experts, D3D Cinema is on the forefront of photorealistic immersive experience production. Utilizing our knowledge of mission relevant museum cinema, D3D productions combine the thrill of the VR platform with an educational foundation. These experiences are on the leading edge of interactive environments and animations built on the dazzling Unreal 4 Game Engine platform.

Digital Media

D3D production services are not constrained by the walls of museum and attraction cinema. With the same approach to quality and innovation used in our film productions, D3D offers bespoke media production services. Looking for a branding tag, a marketing asset, or an expose on a unique and exciting part of your institution? D3D is the right choice, no matter how big or small the job.