Post Services

D3D Cinema Post Services provides the highest quality in cinema post-production, specializing in professional video encoding, digital format conversions, media management, and DCI-compliant DCP creation, including cutting edge HBR/HFR 4K 3D DCPs.

“The team over at D3D cares as much about color and quality as I do. Hats off to the engineering team for having such tight tolerances and high standards.”

John Daro, Senior Colorist, Warner Brothers Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Competitive Advantage

D3D Cinema Post Services offers a wide range of cinema post-production services, specializing in the intricacies and unique challenges of the attraction cinema industry. Pulling from over 20 years experience in Giant Screen documentary production and over a decade of experience with a robust palette of cinema integration knowledge, D3D is the clear choice for museum cinema producers and distributors. Time and time again, D3D Post Services proves able to solve the unique mastering mysteries that stump even the most experienced of production houses.

Client Centric

At our core, D3D Cinema is a company that genuinely values the needs of our customers. Our success is tied intimately to our clients’ success, and thus we do everything in our power to nurture strong, lasting, and mutually beneficial partnerships. Be it our 100% satisfaction guarantee, flexible payment terms, or availability of our staff, D3D Post Services always puts clients first.

Trailer Production

Drawing from an experienced crew with a pedigree for telling BIG stories, D3D Post Services creates impactful and eye-catching trailers without breaking the bank. Our approach is to understand the soul of each film and craft a trailer that embodies the imagination and passion of the filmmaker. Our crew is dedicated to providing creative ideas, free flowing communication, and a love of captivating audiences.

Post Services

Web Assets
MPEG 2 w/Audio Multiplexing
HDR Grading
Resolution Resampling
Digital Cinema Packages
Creative Editing
Aspera Transfers
Closed Captioning Creation
CineDome DLDM
LTO Archiving
Quality Control
DCP Audio Versioning
Time-Coded Scripts
KDM management
Color Space Conversion
Trailer Creation
Inventory Tracking Portal
Codec Conversion
Cinefolio Access
Harddrive Storage Space
VR Warping
Image Sequences