Museum Cinema

D3D is the leading specialist in museum and attraction cinema integration – from giant screen and giant dome initial builds and generational upgrades, new immersive theaters, and retrofits to existing auditoriums to temporary theaters for seasonal use or to accompany touring exhibitions. D3D’s industry-leading services include strategic planning consultation, system design, financing packages, installation, training, and ongoing support and service.

“D3D worked hard to understand the uniqueness of our site, made accommodations for our theater, and prepared us in every way possible for the installation. Their customer service is excellent and I would highly recommend D3D to any museum or cultural center.”

Holly Barton, Director of Operations, Science Mill, Johnson City, TX

Giant Screen Cinema

Ever since digital cinema has become a reality for giant-screen theaters, D3D has become an industry leader through the design and integration of digital theater systems in over thirty former IMAX® giant-screens and multiple new build giant-screen venues. D3D systems prove reliable in performance and help expand the utility of the theater with far reaching alternative content packages. Using a holistic and client centric approach, D3D delivers state-of-the-art system designs that are both operator and CFO friendly while providing an unforgettable audience experience.


Immersive cinema has long served as an educational tool to augment exhibits and mission programming. While fulldome and Giant Screen theaters have offered exciting solutions to large institutions for decades, with Cinefolio, the power of immersive cinema is now an economical solution for museums, zoos, aquariums, and attractions of all stripes. Professional 3D cinema technology and a rich library of content are now accessible to venues of all sizes and budgets for an all-inclusive low monthly fee.


D3D’s first-to-market digital laser solution for Giant Dome theaters, replaces existing 15/70 film projection systems while providing a superior audience experience in every way. Now in its second generation, the sophisticated digital laser system features Christie’s state-of-the-art projection and playback systems – offering ultra-high 6K resolution and supreme contrast ratios. The dazzling laser projectors are capable of delivering up to 150,000 lumens on the dome with a brilliant expanded dynamic range and color gamut, along with meticulous focus and light uniformity far beyond the capabilities of film-based and xenon-illuminated projection systems.

“We compared all the potential solutions on the market and, simply put, we found that D3D’s Laser CineDome provides our guests the highest quality dome theater system that is easily upgradable and showcases the pinnacle of what projection technology can offer now and in the future.  It’s so gratifying for me that Mobile, Alabama offers the best giant dome cinema experience in the world.”

Donald J. Comeaux, Jr., Executive Director, Exploreum Science Center, Mobile AL

Existing Auditorium Retrofits

D3D Cinema has a proven track record of optimizing existing auditoriums and other underutilized spaces to function not only as world-class digital cinemas but, also as fully-functional multi-use presentation spaces. Our clients have trusted D3D Cinema to upgrade their existing spaces into stunningly immersive revenue-generating attractions while maintaining complete flexibility for alternative room use.


D3D brings a wealth of knowledge to the theater design process from the ground up. Whether a client is still working with an architect or needs a referral, D3D is ready to assist with projects of all sizes. Working in tandem with licensed architects, D3D is able to provide unparalleled experience and knowledge to ensure the successful execution of a world-class immersive theater faithful to our clients’ vision.

Touring & Temporary Exhibit Cinema

The versatility and portability of digital 3D technology affords a unique opportunity to tour immersive cinema experiences with popular traveling exhibitions. Bundling film and exhibition content is a long-standing and successful formula at permanent Giant Screens. These packaged experiences maximize visitor capture, streamlines marketing and promotional spending, and create a combination ticket value proposition for museum patrons.