Virtual Reality

For a company that has continually been on the cutting-edge of immersive technology, premium Virtual Reality experiences were the clear next step. Working in tandem with some of the most creative and  highly regarded content producers and experiences design professionals in the business, D3D lights the path for museum and attraction venues virtual reality adoption.

“Birdly® is hands-down the best VR experience yet.”


Birdly VR

Birdly VR is a one of a kind full body VR experience, coupling advanced robotics and simulation technology to create an incredibly realistic sensation of flight. Birdly operators command their flight experience instinctively with their arms and hands for speed, altitude and navigation. The result of Birdly’s precise sensory motor coupling is an experience that is simply breathtaking. The VR industry is abuzz about Birdly, a unique platform with crowds enjoying the spectacle almost as much as the rider.

Cinefolio VR

Cinefolio VR is a bundled solution that harnesses the power of the latest in VR technology to provide clients with an immersive experience that transcends their physical walls, transporting audiences from an ordinary chair in an ordinary room, to a world class immersive theater showcasing the best museum cinema filmmaking has to offer. For minimal investment, transform a classroom, small auditorium, underutilized section of exhibit space, or a new purpose-built room into a palace of cinema.