D3D StreamKit – Original Content Production and Distribution for Museums

D3D StreamKit – Original Content Production and Distribution for Museums

As Covid-19 continues to be an unprecedented challenge for us all, museums and institutions continue to develop innovative new means to deliver educational content and lifelong-learning programs to members, families and online students. With many school districts electing for full time or part time remote learning, the opportunity to further cultivate institutions’ commitments to content creation and distribution remains the highest priority. D3D Cinema is offering a new product and service – StreamKit – to support museums’ initiatives to reach audiences remotely – amplifying engagement with home viewers, home-learners, remote classrooms and overflow/distancing spaces.

Whether augmenting in-house production capability or entering fresh into the media/streaming business, StreamKit provides a turnkey suite of digital streaming solutions, enabling live and pre-recorded transmission of theatrical, floor programs and original content. After launching the platform in June, D3D has added, by request, a premium-level package offering called StreamKit Pro, a top-end option that includes additional components for more experienced users.

Available now in four packages – StreamKit Theater, StreamKit Go, StreamKit Media Producer, and StreamKit Pro – these products unlock a robust digital presence for museums, science centers, zoos and aquariums seeking a broader audience for mission programs and content – beyond brick-and-mortar boundaries – that can be employed in myriad ways: in-house broadcast to overflow seating zones, a weekly digest to classrooms, member and patron subscription content, live-streamed science demonstrations, webisodes, lectures, town-hall meetings and much, much more.

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