Exploreum Science Center Installing Gen 2 Laser CineDome

Exploreum Science Center will be first to install D3D’s Gen 2 Laser CineDome

EVANSTON, IL – (April 4, 2019) – D3D Cinema, in partnership with Christie®, is proud to announce that the Exploreum Science Center (ESC) in Mobile, Alabama has selected D3D to install its stunning new second generation (Gen 2) laser-illuminated, ultra high-resolution Laser CineDome projection system into their Giant Dome theater.

Replacing the existing IMAX® film projection system, D3D’s Gen 2 Laser CineDome system features ultra-high 6K resolution via a trio of advanced Christie laser projectors, high frame rate capability (up to 120 fps), and dramatically expanded contrast ratios. The state-of-the-art laser system produces incredibly vivid images with a brilliant expanded dynamic range and color gamut far beyond the capabilities of film-based and first-generation laser-illuminated projection systems. D3D will also upgrade the audio system with a dome-optimized surround-sound speaker array delivering 25,000 watts of power for an incredibly lifelike and immersive aural experience, capable of reproducing the clap of a sonic boom or the whisper of an evening breeze with equal fidelity.

“The upgrade was a major decision for our science center, but not a hard one to make,” said Don Comeaux, Executive Director of ESC. “We’d been evaluating options and surveying guests since 2012, and we realized that quality was more important than brand. Besides, we believe that our own brand is the most important and valuable one in the local market and we wanted to promote it as such. So, we compared all the potential solutions on the market and, simply put, we found that D3D’s Laser CineDome will provide our guests the highest quality dome theater system that is easily upgradable and showcases the pinnacle of what projection technology can offer now and in the future. It’s a source of extreme pride that our institution will be the very first to install the Gen2 CineDome system. And it’s so gratifying for me personally to say that Mobile, Alabama will offer the best giant dome cinema experience in the world.”

“For decades, the Exploreum Science center has been a very important part of Mobile’s community – educating and enlightening over two million viewers in the Giant Dome theater,” said Derek Threinen, Vice President of Business Development for D3D Cinema. “We’re honored that the Exploreum has put their trust in us to bring an even more awe-inspiring Giant Dome experience to the next generation of visitors, and look forward to broadening our long partnership in the coming years.”