Introducing Cinefolio VR

Introducing Cinefolio VR

Redefining Immersive Cinema

Immersive cinema has long delivered the most powerful storytelling experiences to museums and attractions, serving as an educational tool to augment exhibits and mission programming while entertaining audiences of all ages. Historically only available to larger institutions in the forms of fulldome and large-format/IMAX® theaters, recent technological innovations in the field of Virtual Reality (VR) have enabled us to bring this cutting-edge immersive cinema experience to museums, zoos, aquariums and other attractions of all shapes, sizes, and budgets.

Imagine a giant cinema in a space the size of a small classroom. Imagine Cinéfolio VR.

Cinéfolio VR is a bundled solution that harnesses the power of the latest in VR technology to provide clients with an immersive experience that transcends their physical walls, TRANSPORTING AUDIENCES FROM A REGULAR CHAIR IN AN ORDINARY ROOM TO A WORLD-CLASS GIANT CINEMA showcasing the best that mission-focused documentary filmmaking has to offer. For minimal investment, transform a classroom, small auditorium, underutilized section of exhibit space, or a new purpose-built room into a cinema palace.

D3D Cinema will be debuting a prototype of Cinefolio VR to the museum and science center community this weekend at the ASTC Annual Conference in Toronto.