Laser CineDome

D3D’s first-to-market digital laser solution for Giant Dome theaters, replaces existing 15/70 film projection systems while providing a superior audience experience in every way. Now in its second generation, Laser CineDome offers a brilliant expanded dynamic range and color gamut, along with meticulous focus and light uniformity far beyond the capabilities of film-based and xenon-illuminated projection systems.

“We compared all the potential solutions on the market and, simply put, we found that D3D’s Laser CineDome provides our guests the highest quality dome theater system that is easily upgradable and showcases the pinnacle of what projection technology can offer now and in the future.  It’s so gratifying for me that Mobile, Alabama offers the best giant dome cinema experience in the world.”

Donald J. Comeaux, Jr., Executive Director, Exploreum Science Center, Mobile AL

State of the Art Projection

Three edged blended – 4K –  expanded color gamut –  Christie projector heads are driven by the latest in media server technology allowing for true 6K playback. Film playback utilizes real-time warping technology that is site specific, allowing for custom playback geometry for each theater. Up to 180,000 lumens of laser light shine through custom High Contrast lenses to create a unmatched visual experience for the audience.

Powerful Immersive Audio

Laser CineDome is equipped with a top of the line audio experience. Five full range QSC PLF speaker cabinets driven by 25,000 watts of amplifier power and 32 individual transducers deliver unmatched sonic response and clarity. Low frequency resonates from six dual 18” subwoofer cabinets that allow your audience to feel the action. Custom room equalization by a Dolby Laboratories audio specialist will leave a crisp, warm, and enveloping sound that will impress and captivate viewers.

“Whenever I see material projected on a D3D system, it always looks as it was intended in the color bay. I’m still yet to see a dome projection system as spectacular as the one designed by D3D and Christie.”

John Daro, Senior Colorist, Warner Bros Studio

Unmatched Image Replication

Resolution is just one part of full picture. It’s not just the number of pixels that counts, it’s the quality of those pixels. Combining the brilliance of Christie’s expanded laser color gamut with a proprietary playback and image optimization process, each pixel looks just as the filmmaker intended. Vibrant and captivating colors, deep – enhanced contrast, and sharp crystal clear resolution make the images on screen come to life.

Unparalleled Programming Flexibility

Designed by veteran Dome Theater operators, Laser Cinedome offers the utmost flexibility in programming. Outfitted with a 4K – laser illuminated – DCI insert projection window and all the needed signal processing equipment for any auxiliary source playback (streaming, BluRay, satellite, live events, broadcast, ect.) Laser Cinedome expands the use of your Dome Theater for increased monetization potential. In addition, full ADA compliance equipment comes standard on any Laser Cinedome system.